Find the Joker competition


                          FIND THE JOKER               

  1. A complete deck of cards plus the Joker is shuffled and each card is placed in the notice board face down and numbered 1 to 53 in numerical order. The locked notice board is visible to all.
  2. To enter the draw write your selected number where you think the Joker resides with your name and contact number on one of the small white envelopes available at the bar, place a €2 coin in the envelope. Place your completed envelope in the Joker Box at the side of the bar in the Lounge for the draw.
  3. You can only choose one number per envelope, but you can enter as many €2 envelopes as you want and as many different numbers as you want.  The only stipulation with numbers is that the number 6 must be underlined or else it is considered a 9
  4. All draws will take place in Tullamore Golf Club in public on dates chosen by the Game Committee.
  5. On the first night of the draw there will be 53 cards to draw from and the second draw night 52 and so on until the Joker Card is found.
  6. 53 balls numbered 1 to 53 will be placed in the container from which one ball will be drawn. The number selected will be announced. The numbered card will be removed from the notice board and the card exposed.
  7. The exposed card will now be placed face outward in the notice board and the game will continue until the next draw date and so forth until the Joker is found. As the number of exposed cards becomes greater finding the Joker becomes more interesting.
  8. When the Joker is found then all participants with the correct number in that draw will go into a further draw using all those envelopes that have the drawn number and the winner of this draw will get the Joker money.
  9. The Joker Jackpot will start at €50 and will increase each draw as the game progresses. The more people that play the greater the Joker Jackpot. The Joker Jackpot will be announced before each draw and the game will continue until the Joker is found.  A prize of at least €25 will be available at each draw for the drawn card if the Joker is not found (rule No. 8 will apply).
  10. The decision of the Joker Game Committee on all matters in relation to Find the Joker Draw will be final.
  11. All proceeds from the Find the Joker Game will go to Club Funds.                                                                                                       


             Committee:    T Heery; T Guiney; M.Taaffe.