Men's Winter League Update play over holiday period


Update on playing over the Christmas holiday Period

The above competition currently can only be played Saturday, Sunday and Monday`s.

The competition will be open to be played over the coming holiday period. Winter League can be played any day from 24th inst. to and including the 4th January 2022.

We will then return to the Saturday, Sunday and Monday rules after the 4th January.

Last rounds to be played by the end of January. no rounds will be accepted after 31st January


The Rules and Conditions for the upcoming Men's Winter League generously sponsored by J D Scanlon & Co Solicitors are set out below


Kindly Sponsored by


(Dermot Scanlon)


The Winter League qualifying rounds will commence on the weekend of 1/2nd November and conclude on the weekend of January 29/30th

Players will enter individually.

Players may enter at any time throughout the qualifying period.
Entry fee per player is €5 which should be put in envelope with name on envelope & post in letterbox for returning scorecards in men`s locker room.
Qualifying rounds must be played on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of any week in the proper sequence.

Players must sign in on the computer prior to playing and must declare their intention to submit a Winter League scorecard before they commence play

A separate card (blue) must be marked for each Winter League round with the round number recorded on the scorecard. 

Scores should be entered on the computer.
The round will be played from white tees over 14 holes on the course in play on the day (including temporary greens).
Caddies may not be used during any stage of the competition

Penalty ???  (normally 2 strokes (or 2 points in this case Stableford) and DQ if continues after being told can’t)

Scorecards which do not comply with the competition rules will be disqualified.
Winter League Final
A total of 72 players in 12 teams will qualify for the finals.
Teams will be formed by random draw at the end of the qualifying rounds.

The handicap ranges will be determined by reference to the distribution of handicaps across all participants so as to ensure a fair qualification process.
The best five rounds from a total of six will count.
In the event of a tie the accumulated scores of the best 4 cards, 3 cards, 2 cards will be used for countback purposes.
If still tied the best card for each team will be used and then the normal last 9, 6,3,2,1 countback.

DATE OF FINAL: The final will be held on the first weekend of February 2022 It will be Stableford over 18 holes. The format will be a shotgun start and the presentation will take place later in the evening.


Men’s Competitions’ Committee