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Details of Membership Available & Application Forms


The following membership categories are available. Please note there is NO Entrance Fee for applicants wishing to join.  Application forms below.

Full Membership: This covers all adults over the age of 28 years.  Cost €726 (man)/ €733 (Lady) including bar levy (€60) and GUI/ILGU affiliation fee.  Difference is due to Union levy. Insurance at €16 recommended.

Intermediate Membership: This is for young adults who are no longer in full time education. Cost €344 (man) or €351 Lady). Includes GUI/ILGU Levy No other levies.  Insurance at €16 recommended.The subscription payment on moving from Intermediate to Full membership is staged over a three year period with 75% of full in first year over 28, 87% in second year and no bar levey. In the third year the full subscription plus bar levy is payable.
Applicants do not have to be former members of Tullamore Golf Club but must be 28 years or under in the year of application.

Distance Membership:  NEW  This is for those that live more than 60 kms from the Clubhouse. Cost €446 (Man) €453 (Lady) Includes Union Levy. No other levies. Insurance at €16 recommended.

Country Membership; This covers any golfer who is a member in another Club and holds a CONGU handicap, even if not from an Irish based Club (e.g. could be from England Scotland or Wales).  Cost; €425.

Overseas Membership: Covers golfers who reside abroad and visit Ireland for a short period. They may not be members of an affiliated Golf Club.  Cost €425.  Insurance at €16 recommended.

Student Membership: Is available to those over 18 years and under 29 years who are attending a second level or third level school or college as a student on a full time basis or are completing an apprenticeship or a period of compulsory training/internship on a full time basis for the purpose of qualifying for a profession or craft.  Cost €135 plus Levy GUI €21 ILGU €28  Insurance at €16 recommended.

Junior Membership: Membership in this category is now available for boys and girls once they reach 8 years.   
Reductions when more that one child a Junior member. Cost 1st Child €80; 2nd child €55 (cumulative €135); 3rd child €40 (cumulative €175). This includes Union levies of €5 per child.  Insurance at €16 recommended.
Relevant Application forms at bottom of page or click on liked name above.
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Further details can be obtained by contacting the office (9:15am to 2:15pm) at 057 9321439 or  email

Pavilion Membership is also available.


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