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Tullamore - Top Parkland Course - that's what the 2016 Ratings say


In 2016 Tullamore Golf Club was ranked 29th in the top Parland courses in Irleland in Backspin Magazine ranked   In the “2016 Golf Digest Volvo Top 100 Ranked Golf Courses in Ireland” Tullamore is rated 34th of the Parkland courses

Golf Ratings are very subjective and always have an element of personal preference to them.  However for Tullamore to get such high ratings in different magazines is a testament to how good the Tullamore course is.  

Golfing Weekly asked ordinary golfers for their views in a survey that attracted over 4,000 participants and where only one vote per IP address was accepted.  They calculated popularity not simply by counting the course with the greatest number of first preferences but by ranking those with the most top preferences across the board.  Most of those who voted for courses had actually played the course they voted for. It would appear to be a better system that using a small panel of professionals and amateurs, many of whom may never have played your course, or, if they did, it may have been several years ago. 


Backspin Magazine Irish Golf Course Rankings also separated links and parkland courses. 
Their poll was conducted through a panel of 55 golfers .
Voters were asked to nominate their 15 favourite courses in each that impress and delight them most in order of preference.
Special emphasis was placed on design, presentation, setting, challenge and the personal enjoyment factor.

Points were awarded in both categories as follows...
1st - 250; 2nd - 225; 3rd - 200; 4th - 175; 5th - 150; 6th - 140;
7th - 130; 8th - 120; 9th - 110; 10th - 100; 11th - 90; 12th - 80;
13th - 70; 14th - 60; 15th - 50

To arrive at the final rankings they added the points awarded to clubs on the 55 voting forms.